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Exercise Classes - Pregnancy and Postnatal


  • BuggyFit - Every Monday 10.30am at -

    The Studio Community Health and Fitness, Leamington Domain, 12 Scott Street, Cambridge (Old Leamington Bowling Club building)


    For more details contact Julie below:


    Phone: 07 827 0625
    Mobile: 027 296 6003
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    Julie is a qualified Exercise Consultant, has a certificate in Pregnancy and Postnatal Exercise and more importantly, a mother of 2 children.


Regular exercise has many benefits during pregnancy and postnatally.

Pregnancy —Exercise will help to maintain fitness, strength and endurance, making the physical demands more manageable and pregnancy more comfortable. Pregnant women will enter labour better equipped with confidence and stamina and postnatally her recovery will be easier and more rapid.

Postnatal —A gradual recovery is essential for a smooth transition to motherhood. With the focus on wellbeing rather than increased aerobic fitness and weight loss in the early stages. Core and pelvic floor strengthening is vital after birth. Lactation requires adequate rest and good nourishment. It may take up to 9 months for the stretched tummy muscles to return to shape. Listen to your body and do not expect too much too soon.


  • Fitness: Maintain a certain level of fitness throughout pregnancy so that exercise is easier to resume after pregnancy. Labour can be a very physically demanding experience. Cardiovascular fitness and strength can assist women to endure their labour with more ease.
  • Improved muscular tone and strength: Hormonal changes during pregnancy effect muscular strength and tone. Exercise can assist to maintain muscular strength. This is especially important for the protection of joints and the prevention of injury.
  • Increased self esteem: Pregnancy can be a mentally demanding time for women. The bodily changes and the increase in size can affect a women’s self esteem. Exercise can provide a way for pregnant women to mix with others and feel a sense of belonging and acceptance to a group.
  • Increased sense of well-being: As a pregnant woman she can feel she is doing the best for herself as well as the growing foetus.
  • Feeling in control of your body: Pregnant women can feel a greater sense of control over weight gain and the other changes that are occurring to her body.
  • Heightened body awareness: By moving her body, pregnant women can become more in tune with changes that are occurring throughout pregnancy.
  • Weight control: Exercise can be used to control weight gain. It is, however, important that pregnant women gain sufficient weight throughout pregnancy.
  • Provide a break and relieve stress: For some women, pregnancy can be a mentally demanding and worrying time. Exercise can provide a mental beak for these women.
  • Enables a quicker return to fitness after birth: If the woman feels that it won’t be too difficult to regain her pre-pregnancy level of fitness she will feel more enthusiastic to return to exercise after her pregnancy.
  • Promotes good posture: Poor posture is a common problem causing both lower and upper back pain in pregnancy. Exercise can help create good posture, lessening fatigue and promoting better sleeping pattern. It improves circulation, helping to prevent/reduce fluid retention, various veins, and haemorrhoids.



  • Muscle recovery: Regular exercise promotes the healing of traumatized uterine, abdominal and pelvic muscles and hastens a return to normal muscle tone.
  • Joint recovery: Exercise helps ‘vulnerable’ joints associated with hormone release during pregnancy, return to normal and prevent further weakening and strain.
  • Emotional wellness: Regular exercise promotes positive psychological benefits, improving coping mechanisms with stress and minimizes post partum ‘blues’.
  • Weight loss: Cardiovascular exercise sessions will not only increase your heart rate and make you feel breathless but will help you burn off pregnancy weight. Aim to get active at least 3 times a week.